Avast is a pretty common antivirus, but users face a problem when they try to remove it from their personal computer. Antivirus programs are responsible for system security, keeping personal information safe and have a strong self-protection program. When malicious programs attack the antivirus in order to bypass or destroy it, the antivirus self-defense and deep integration into the PC system helps to withstand this battle. That is why the standard Avast removal method is perceived as a virus attack. To remove your antivirus, we recommend using the Avast Clear utility. Follow the link on this page and download the free official version of Avast Clear.

The utility removes the remnants of the Avast line of products, is easy to use and has great functionality.

The program is suitable for installation on the Windows platform.

The functions of the program are

  • complete removal of Avast antivirus;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • works only in safe mode;
  • wide functionality of the utility;
  • does not affect the stable operation of your PC.

How to Download Avast Clear

Use the link on this page and download the installation file, then run it and wait until the program is fully installed on your PC. A utility shortcut will appear on the desktop, run the program, uninstall the installed Avast antivirus and restart the PC system in normal mode.


Avast has released an antivirus product that embeds itself in your PC system and actively fights off numerous threats from the outside world. But it turned out to be very difficult to uproot this antivirus if necessary, so the company developed an "antidote" to its own product, which is as much in demand as the antivirus itself.